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Good Business

Good Business Quote

Today I found myself wishing that there was a way that I could express to others how I feel, not only about how to perform good business but my views on what the difference is between a job and a career. If only my clients knew that I am not only in business to make money but I am here with their best interests at heart. I do not just strive to finish a job, but I strive to have a final product that is of the best quality possible. I don’t think this way because I am chomping at the bits to get as many jobs as I can. I mean, I won’t deny that the reason for business is to make money, but I strongly believe that GOOD business is to strive to make a humble profit while being considerate of your customer and precise in your work. Of course, this means to have knowledge of your product, be precise in your work, and always be appreciative of your clientele. I often wish that those in my network could feel how much I care about doing a good job for them. I want to be the kind of man that when others think of me the first thing that comes to mind is how I helped them. It doesn’t stem from a need to be accepted or liked but from a confidence and desire to take care of others. I am confident in my trade where there should never be an instanced where I do not know the best way to handle an issue with one’s vehicle. I am not one of those money hungry types that will take on a job for the profit even if I don’t believe I am the best man for the job. I will always be honest and forthcoming where if I feel I am not the best person for a repair, I will openly and honestly steer my customer to who I would use, even if it happens to be a competitor. You see I think of my customers like I do my family. I always want to be honest and considerate to their best interests. On the same note, because of this, I always want to be sure to offer a lasting and quality installation (even if it means taking extra steps to ensure such quality). I think this is what separates a job from a career. One who views their work as their job goes to work does their duties and leaves. One who views their work as a career goes to work, and not only handles their responsibilities but goes above and beyond the call of duty to not only provide a quality final product but throw in a little something extra to improve the quality of the final product (even if gone unnoticed by the customer). I believe that someone who does business at their job does the minimum requirement necessary to get the job done. I believe that someone who does GOOD business at their career offers an all around 5-star experience in customer service, quality care, precision, speed, and all around business experience. I am here to offer GOOD business to anyone who will call on my services and I guarantee good business every time.

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